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‘Aavran Handloom Society’ is a livelihood initiative where 100 families get livelihood by producing organic handspun hand-woven fabric.

The roots of ‘Aavran’ are closely connected to its promoting organization bioRe Association. The bioRe Association is a registered social organization working to empower organic and biodynamic communities by facilitating education and promoting infrastructure, addressing local needs thus leading to holistic and sustainable development.

BioRe Association started a small initiative of promoting livelihood for its women self help groups through 10 Hand spinning machines (Ambar Charkha) in Sept 2007. Possibilities of promoting hand spun hand woven organic cloth through establishing a handloom based livelihood project was observed seeing potential market and interest of SHG members. Taking this into consideration bioRe Foundation Switzerland helped bioRe Association in developing the required infrastructure. Success of the initiative was converted into a democratic institution named and registered as “Aavran Handloom Society”.

Aavran being a social enterprise believes in equality, quality, transparency, fair trade, and making locally global products thus advancing with world by consolidating and valuing our traditional knowledge and culture. Aavran is managed by hand spinners, weavers and its founding members from the youth club. Today Aavran Handloom Society is working with several credible buyers which include Remei AG Switzerland, Khadi CIC London,MASS Germany, Sodhani Jaipur KVIC Madhya Pradesh, Silk Federation of MP, State Handloom Department of MP, and several others.